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Why Hire a Business Broker?

It's not always easy to make the decision to hire a business broker. Many sellers don't know the benefits of having someone represent them in the sale of their business. Many business owners think they can do it themselves, field inquiries, and run their business all at the same time. That is a challenging proposition.....all while trying to keep the sale of your business confidential.


Having the right type of representation is key in making sure the transaction goes smoothly.  Business Brokers and Real Estate Agents are NOT created equal!  So hiring the real estate agent who sold you your home or helped you with your commercial lease is only asking for problems along the way. Business Brokers are specialists and have been specifically trained in the art of business acquisitions.  Additionally, business brokers will have Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance specifically for business brokerage. Real Estate E&O Insurance is NOT the same type of coverage which can leave both a seller and the real estate agent open for liability if something goes wrong during the transaction.

Watch this video from the Intentional Business Brokers Association (IBBA) on the benefits of hiring a business broker.

Where to Begin?

6 Questions You Need to Answer

Most business owners don't really know the value of their business. They may have a "best guess" or have searched online to try and find a value. The first step in selling your business is getting a legitimate and defensible market value.  A business broker is trained to do just that.


Download the Getting Started Guide to the right to gain statistical insights in to transactions in New Mexico, along with a list of items needed to start your valuation.  We can set up a time to meet in person or video chat to:

  • Consult about the right time to sell your business

  • Provide a professional business valuation

  • Market your business to Qualified Buyers

  • Protect your confidentiality

  • Objectively negotiate on your behalf

  • Discretely advertise on national web sites

How Sellers Can Hurt the Deal
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