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Why Does Someone Buy a Business?

When I opened my first business in 1998, I truly had no idea the journey I was taking. Almost twenty years later, seven businesses, countless employees, and traversing my way through buying, selling and even closing a business, I can speak from experience why someone decides to become a business owner.

I grew up around entrepreneurs, and I knew without question that if I wanted to write my own future and create the lifestyle I dreamed of, I was going to have to accomplish that through owning a business (or winning the lottery which didn't seem like such a viable option). Business ownership gave me freedom and flexibility. In essence, I bought myself a job. And that's what most people do when they buy a business--they buy a job which gives them financial independence and control of their destiny. Are you looking to buy a business? Expand and acquire another business? Then let me put my experience to work for you and help you achieve the FREEDOM you've been dreaming of. All my best,

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