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Is it Time to Have a Business Exit Strategy?

Summer is practically over--kids have gone back to school--and again I'm wondering how time got away from me. It seems like the years fly by faster and faster and I'm in disbelief it's already late August.

And as you contemplate how fast your year has flown by and what you need to accomplish in the last half of 2019, there's no better time than right now to get serious about your business exit strategy.

I am all too familiar with the challenges involved in selling your business. I've personally done it and helped local business owners do it as well. It's an emotional decision and often times the decision to sell is stalled by important questions, all of which I can help you answer: 1. Is your business ready to sell? 2. Does your business offer a compelling proposition to a new owner? 3. How much should you ask? 4. How do you launch and navigate the selling process? 5. What’s involved in marketing, negotiating, financing and closing the sale? As a business broker, I can help you answer all of these questions and guide you on a path to selling. If you are ready to start the conversation about an exit strategy, then call or email me today. All my best,

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