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Septic Pumping & Installation Company


Recession Proof with a Competitive Advantage!

Google Reviews of 4.6!

The Septic Industry is one of a few recession-proof industries. This company provides installation, inspection to meet government regulations, pumping and maintenance of septic tank systems throughout the communities of central New Mexico The company also pumps restaurant grease traps. Six full time employees plus the owner are involved in day-to-day operation of the business.

Real estate transactions require septic inspections to determine compliance with New Mexico Environment Laws. If an Inspection fails, the company then prepares an estimate for service. Local real estate agents serve as long-term repeat referrals for the inspection and installation of septic tanks.

The company operates two 33,000/lb GVW vehicles equipped with 2,500-gallon tanks, and a third truck with 55,000/lb GVW, with a 4,000 gallon Tank. These vehicles require a CDL B driver license to operate. The company owns and operates a 40-acre New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) approved dumpsite giving it a competitive cost advantage. The dumpsite would also allow for an additional revenue stream by charging other small septic companies a fee to dump. The company maintains prepaid service contracts. These 2-year contracts allow for maintaining long-term, repeat customer revenue, by scheduling paid visits to clean filters in the time period between pumps.

The company offers a unique opportunity to own in a business with a real competitive advantage, in a recession-proof Industry that has significant barriers to entry, and in a market location were demand will increase with future development.

Buyer will need a basic plumbing license.


Gross Revenue | $950,000

Projected Cash Flow 2023 | $278,000

Inventory | $20,000
Established  |  2002
Employees  |  6

Septic Pumping - B23.008


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