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Work with Artisans in Indonesia to Enhance their Quality of Life!

The home decor and accessories this company produces comes to you not just from an Indonesian woman’s hands, but her heart. Handcrafted, original works of art with no two exactly alike. Hand-woven basketry detailed with hand-sewn glass beads. Fashioned one piece at a time by one artist at a time in a village, not a factory. Perfection is the deadline. Absolute beauty the quota. Behold skill and artistry demonstrated at a level seldom seen in our times.

By using Fair Trade Certification Standards this company creates opportunities for artisans (mainly women) who live in rural Indonesian villages who lack access to long term, well-paying jobs. The artisans are encouraged to utilize their craftsmanship and market their skills through global enterprise. They work at home with their children
playing alongside them. The company has transparent and accountable relationships with each of the artisans.

Seller has inventory worth over $900,000 at retail. Seller has not been actively marketing or selling product for several years. Seller maintains all relationships with artisans and will help buyer to re-establish a work flow in Indonesia to import product.

Buyer should want to take on a passion project--one which gives Indonesian woman the ability to earn money to support their families and have a say in their future, be willing to travel to Indonesia to work with and design product directly with the artisans, plus be willing to build a business on the foundation that has already been built.

The ideal buyer would already be in a similar category, understand the process of importing goods from a foreign country, and have a desire to help others.


Hand crafted from the Heart - B23.010


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