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Mobile:  925-428-8505
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Corey Frasure

Business Broker

Corey's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Inspired by the classic film “Pretty Woman,” he embarked on a path that seamlessly blends their military background and corporate experience.


From an early age, Corey was drawn to the intricate dance of commerce, with his first business being printing banners on a dot matrix printer while in high school.  The negotiations, the strategies, and the art of closing deals. The silver screen ignited their curiosity, and they found themselves captivated by the world of buying and selling businesses. It was more than a transaction; it was a chance to shape destinies, to transform dreams into reality.


With 21 years of military service, Corey honed essential skills—leadership, discipline, and strategic thinking. These qualities became their compass as they transitioned into the corporate arena. For 12 years, they thrived as an award-winning sales manager and director, consistently exceeding targets and leaving a trail of success in their wake.


But Corey's journey wasn’t just about personal achievements. It was about lifting others. They recognized that small businesses were the heartbeat of communities—the dreamers, the risk-takers, the unsung heroes. Armed with his military ethos and corporate acumen, He set out to empower these entrepreneurs. Whether through coaching, real estate ventures, or strategic guidance, he championed growth, resilience, and collective prosperity.


Today, he stands as a beacon of expertise—a bridge between big dreams and practical solutions. His commitment to clients, their unwavering integrity, and their knack for turning challenges into opportunities define his legacy. So, if you’re seeking a trusted advisor who understands both the battlefield and the boardroom, look no further. Corey is here to guide you toward success.

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