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Pit Master Wanted! Own an Award Winning BBQ Restaurant

Created by a passion for cooking and a dream. The owners started the business with $150.00--$90.00 worth of ingredients and mason jars and a $60.00 craft fair fee. The business started with the creation of a Dry Rub seasoning which is the foundation of all the BBQ products and is the seasoning of all of the meats. And now, it is basically 4 businesses--a permanent food trailer location with picnic tables and umbrella, a catering business, bottled and packaged BBQ products, and a grocery store food court location with a 4-foot cold case for products and take-away food.

The opportunity for expansion is excellent, as the grocery store chain has already asked the owners to expand into other locations, and the BBQ products are currently in 147 of the stores. The BBQ products could be expanded and distribution could be widened into other grocer stores and specialty food shops.

Owners are hands-on working in the business everyday. A buyer should also be willing to actively work in the business to continue its success.


Gross Revenue | $1,268,000
Cash Flow | $120,000

FF&E  |  $100,000

Established  |  2015
Employees  |  15

Pit Master Wanted! Own an Award Winning BBQ Restaurant- B22.003


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